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About us


Introduction to Arad sanat mahan company / MANUFACTURER OF OIL FIELD CHEMICALS

Arad Sanat Mahan was established with the aim of conducting research and production in field of chemicals applicable in oil , gas and petrochemical industries , especially those imported from overseas regions.

Arad Sanat Mahan supplies its products based on the state – of –the art technology and international standards such as API , ASTM and DIN . Also the company employs services of several specialized laboratories inside and outside the country including Research institute of Petroleum industry, Polymer research institute and Jihad-Tahqiqat Labs .

Conserving and enhancing quality of its products and also paying special attention to environmental aspects , the company has been granted international standards such as ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 1400:2004 and ISO 1800:2007 .
In addition , the major applicants for the products of Arad Sanat Mahan are as follows:

National Iranian Drilling Company, Iranian Oil pipeline and Telecommunication Company , Iranian Falat-Ghare Oil fields Company , National Iranian South oil Company , Iranian central oil fields Company and other credible companies active in oil , gas and petrochemical industries .

Product list of Arad Sanat Mahan Co :
DRA , special lubricants for oil and oil products piping and
Oil extraction Demulsifiers
Several types of Anti – foam
Oxygen Scavenger
Anti – corrosion for oil , water and gas piping
Various types of oil cleaner